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Handy Tips

How to Keep a Food Journal

If you've ever looked into following a specific diet, you've probably heard about food journals. Food journals are just like a normal journal, where you keep track of what you're doing, but you use it…

30 Fun Father’s Day Activities

If you are looking for some cool ways to spend time with your Dad this Father's Day than look no further. You can do most of these activities as a family or just the two of you if you wish!

Signs of Sleep Deprivation

Even if you think you're getting enough sleep, you may still be suffering from sleep deprivation. The symptoms of sleep deprivation are not necessarily as clear-cut as you might think...

How to Teach Mindfulness to Children

There is an emerging body of research proving that teaching mindfulness from an early age to our children is super beneficial. They indicate that mindfulness can help our children improve their abilities to pay attention, focus, sleep, boost their self-esteem, and to make better decisions, to only name some of the benefits...