The Single Answer to Many Common Parenting Concerns

This is a great article teaching and reminding us of an all important parenting lesson and truth. One that I believe will reduce a lot of parenting anxiety and stress. That is to–Trust your child’s processJanet Lansbury an expert in RIE (respectful parenting) explains this simple concept in her article below. This will help with children of all ages.  

The Single Answer to Many Common Parenting Concerns

Lately, I’ve noticed that I answer many parents’ various concerns and questions with the same general response: Trust your child’s process.

In their first years, our children are wired to learn and develop at a breakneck speed. They’re born with an extraordinary facility to absorb, assimilate, and actively make sense of their world. They move new, puzzling and uncomfortable experiences fluidly through their systems, integrating and venting them through play and emotional expression.

Our young children are masterful self-healers. Yet, it can be so hard for us to trust…

When our toddler seems terrified by monsters, animals, or a certain neighbor.

When our preschooler is experimenting with make-believe gun play or keeps repeating a crass expression she picked up from a peer (and, to our dismay, is even using it “appropriately.”)

When our child’s behavior seems to unravel after exposure to a violent event or image…

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