What Causes Postpartum Fatigue And How To Deal With It


Mama, are you feeling exhausted after having a baby? Some of the reasons are of course easy to answer. After all, your life has just been completely changed in such a big and exciting way!

However, there may be reasons that you are not aware of and need further help with. Following, is a great article which will answer your questions about Postpartum Fatigue.

What Causes Postpartum Fatigue And How To Deal With It

Labor and childbirth can be exhausting. After pregnancy, tiredness gushes in, and you will experience a sudden loss of energy.

Postpartum fatigue is something new mothers should be ready to experience in the weeks following the baby’s birth.

But what leads to fatigue and how can you gain back the energy you need to care for the baby? This MomJunction post on postpartum fatigue will give you answers to these questions. Just relax and read on.

Is It Normal To Feel Fatigued Several Weeks After Delivering The Baby?

Yes, the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion are common and may last weeks to even months after the child’s birth. The rate of fatigue increases from 20% in the antepartum period to 50-64% in the postpartum period…

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